The System Code Geek (SCG) Program

The SCG program builds mutually beneficial partnerships between Web Code Geeks and community bloggers whose articles are of interest to the Web developer community. The program simplifies the process of publishing selected blog articles by SCG members onto System Code Geeks site.  Through this process, our SCGs enjoy substantially increased visibility and our audience enjoys great content.

SCG Characteristics and Benefits

  • We ask nothing more from you than to continue writing quality OS development related blog posts. System Code Geeks will care of the rest of the SCG process to drive increased visibility to your selected work.
  • SCGs are free to publish their articles on any sites they like. Your agreement as a SCG simply gives us permission to publish your articles on our site.
  • System Code Geeks keep the right to edit the original article (e.g. for lexical and syntactical corrections). Moreover, we may insert additional links in order to further improve the reading experience (this includes links to third party sites). Finally, System Code Geeks may provide multilingual versions of the original article, providing of course the proper attribution at all cases.
  • Every SCG article on System Code Geeks provides a link to the original post on the SCG’s blog to fully credit their work.
  • You may back out of the SCG program whenever you like.
  • System Code Geeks will most likely not use every article that SCGs post to their blogs; we generally select no more than 2-3 articles per month from any single SCG.
  • For the SCG program the site’s Terms & Conditions apply.

Get Started!

Joining our SCG program is simple and easy. To be considered, just send an email to our Executive Editor, Byron Kiourtzoglou, with your quick bio and a link to your blog.

How to promote System Code Geeks

When you become a SCG, the best way to show off the program is to post a mention about it on your blog.

System Code Geeks

Save this SCG badge and put it on your blog to show off your SCG status!

To do so just copy the HTML code snippet provided below and paste it to the exact place where you want the badge to be presented.

<a href=""><img alt="System Code Geeks" src="" title="System Code Geeks"/></a>


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