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Linux Rename File Example

Hello readers, in this tutorial, we will learn how to rename a file in the Linux operating system. For this tutorial, we will rename a file either: By using the mv command to rename the file Using rename command 1. Introduction Renaming files in Linux is not an advanced option, but it’s surely the interesting one. Developers know that Linux ...

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Linux Shutdown Command Example

Hello readers, in this tutorial, we will learn how to shut down a Linux system using the shutdown command. 1. Introduction The shutdown command in the Linux system powers down the system in a safe and secure manner. During the system power down process, all logged-in users are notified about the system shutdown and the login operations are blocked. This ...

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Linux Kill Process Example

Hello readers! A process on a Linux system is defined as an occurrence of a running application or task. In this tutorial, we will learn how to terminate a suspended or hung up process or an entire process group using the kill command in Linux. 1. Introduction A process on a Linux system is defined as an occurrence of a ...

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Ubuntu – How do I change my username?

Unix-like operating systems decouple the user name from the user identity, so you may safely change the name without affecting the ID. All permissions, files, etc are tied to your identity (uid), not your username. To manage every aspect of the user database, you use the usermod tool. 1- To change username (it is probably best to do this without ...

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Using Office365 Mail and Calendar in Linux

For some reason, if your school or workplace is using Microsoft Office365/Outlook for all communication, you can configure your Linux e-mail client to support most of those features such as e-mail, calendar, and contacts working. Sometime back, support for Microsoft Exchange-based services was very buggy in open-source e-mail clients like Thunderbird and Evolution. But they have come a long way ...

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Weather info in i3status

I recently started using i3wm because it is light-weight, keyboard-friendly and uses the screen real-estate efficiently.  I customized i3bar and i3status (which came installed with i3) to show system information and date/time. But there was no out-of-the-box feature to get weather information from i3 status. I wanted a simple solution that does not require installing an external program like i3blocks, conky, dzen2, xmobar ...

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