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Catholic, father of eight, open source enthusiast, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, Scala, Go, etc. programmer.

Add Another Entry to the UNIX Haters’ Handbook

I was using the command line to quickly build out a file hierarchy. I wrote something that looked basically like: 1 mkdir -p "~/dir/a b/c d" I meant for dir to be in my home directory. I should have put the ~/ outside the doublequotes. Hence, it actually ended up creating a directory called ~. I thought, “Well that was ...

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Fun with VMware on a 64 GB Mac

I’m having a lot of fun with VMware on this 64 GB Mac: My main OS, obviously, is macOS running work-related stuff.Then, I have Ubuntu Linux for development.I have Kali Linux for doing security work.I have Windows 10 for practicing exploit development.And, finally, I have macOS running in a VM for my personal stuff.I could probably get Android and iOS ...

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Ubuntu 20.04 on a 2015 15″ MacBook Pro

I decided to give Ubuntu 20.04 a try on my 2015 15″ MacBook Pro. I didn’t actually install it. I just live booted from a USB thumb drive which was enough to try out everything I wanted. In summary, it’s not perfect, and issues with my camera would prevent me from switching, but given the right hardware, I think it’s ...

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