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Docker in Windows Moving A Mounting

Using docker in Windows is a bit like discovering that someone’s missed a vital memo. Everything nearly works as you might hope, but there are glitches all over the place. I use bash as my shell for scripting various things we do with docker in Windows. This leads to two enormously annoying issues: I’ve found it very difficult to mount ...

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Remote Log Collection on Windows

Every organization needs to collect logs from multiple sources in order to put them in either a log collector or SIEM (or a dedicated audit trail solution). And there are two options for that – using an agent and agentless. Using an agent is easy – you install a piece of software on each machine that generates logs and it ...

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wget on Windows

Overview This is to document my steps to download all image (JPG) files along with PDF and regular HTML files instead of using the web browser, using only 1 command (wget). Installation Use Choco (https://chocolatey.org/). Follow installation instructions @ https://chocolatey.org/install Then open a command prompt with administrative rights to install wget:choco install wget Usage My target website (say abc.com) is protected ...

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Programming on Windows

During the last four years, until the early part of 2018, I worked on a MacBook. Sometime in the second quarter of last year, I shifted to a Windows 10 laptop. The transition has been quite smooth and delightful. There were two Rails applications that I had to write and maintain. The first application, let’s call it webapp-1, was coded ...

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How to check which Process is using port 8080 or any other port and vice versa on Windows

Hello Friends, In this tutorial, you will learn the following : – How to check which process/application is using a particular port on Windows – How to check which port is being used by a particular process/application on Windows How to check which process/application is using a particular port on Windows Step 1 – Find the process id of the process which ...

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