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10 Tips on working fast in UNIX or Linux

10 UNIX Productivity tips Have you ever amazed to see someone working very fast in UNIX, firing commands and doing things quickly? Yes, I have seen that a couple of times and I have always inspired to learn from those superstar developers. In this article or tutorial or whatever you call it, I have dedicated to sharing some UNIX command ...

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Top 25 Unix Commands With Examples

  Hello Friends, In this tutorial,you will learn top Unix commands which are handy in day to day work,specially from Java developer point of view.   1.  How to create a new file in Unix touch <fileName> Example : touch abc.txt 2. How to see content of file in Unix(without able to edit) cat <FileName>     Example : cat abc.txt ...

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Unix: Find files greater than date

For the latter part of the week I’ve been running some tests against Neo4j which generate a bunch of log files and I wanted to filter those files based on the time they were created to do some further analysis. This is an example of what the directory listing looks like: $ ls -alh foo/database-agent-* -rw-r--r-- 1 markneedham wheel 2.5K ...

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Unix: Find all text below string in a file

I recently wanted to parse some text out of a bunch of files so that I could do some sentiment analysis on it. Luckily the text I want is at the end of the file and doesn’t have anything after it but there is text before it that I want to get rid. The files look like this: # text ...

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Unix: Split string using separator

I recently found myself needing to iterate over a bunch of ‘/’ separated strings on the command line and extract just the text after the last ‘/’. e.g. an example of one of the strings A/B/C I wanted to write some code that could split on ‘/’ and then pick the 3rd item in the resulting collection. One way of ...

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Application Server as a Service in Unix

Running the Application Server as a service or daemon on the machine ensures that service restart automatically when the machine reboots and also provides the capability to start the server with a UNIX shell. In this post, we will create Weblogic  server as a service making it to start at machine reboot in few steps as follows: Step 1: Create ...

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