Weather info in i3status

I recently started using i3wm because it is light-weight, keyboard-friendly and uses the screen real-estate efficiently.  I customized i3bar and i3status (which came installed with i3) to show system information and date/time. But there was no out-of-the-box feature to get weather information from i3 status.

I wanted a simple solution that does not require installing an external program like i3blocksconky, dzen2, xmobar or lemonbar. It had to also preserve colors I had configured for the i3bar output. So I came up with this simple solution.

Step 1: Setup a cron job to retrieve weather information every half hour and store it in a temporary file.

*/5 * * * * curl -s | head -n 7 > ~/.weather.cache

Step 2: Write a shell script to add this information to i3status data.

# shell script to prepend i3status with weather

i3status | (read line && echo "$line" && read line && echo "$line" && read line && echo "$line" && while :
  read line
  temp=$(cat ~/.weather.cache | grep -m 1 -Eo -e '-?[[:digit:]].*°C')
  status=$(cat ~/.weather.cache | head -n 3 | tail -n 1 | cut -c 16-)
  echo ",[{\"full_text\":\"${temp} ? ${status}\",\"color\":\"#00FF00\" },${line#,\[}" || exit 1

Step 3: The~/.config/i3/config file needs to be updated for thestatus_command to pipe through this script, as follows.

bar {
status_command .config/i3/
tray_output primary

Step 4: The~/.i3status.conf file should also be updated to change the output to the JSON format.

general {
output_format = "i3bar"
colors = true
interval = 5

You can find more information from the following links.

Published on System Code Geeks with permission by Keheliya Gallaba, partner at our SCG program. See the original article here: Weather info in i3status

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1 year ago

Thank you for this, works smoothly!
However, there is an unnecessary “?” at the 9th line of before “${status}”

Last edited 1 year ago by bilibraker
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