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Running Ansible on a Windows System

On my last conference talk (it was about Ansible and Docker at DevOpsCon in Berlin), I was asked what is the best way to run Ansible on a Windows system. Ansible itself requires a Linux-based system as the control machine. When I have to develop on a Windows machine, I install a Linux-based virtual machine to run the Ansible’s playbooks ...

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Ansible – A handy tool for people that might need

Ansible is a good tool. You can do what it gives you in many different ways, and you might be already doing it. With this assumption, I’ll try to show you why you might like it. Ansible and I I have recently passed Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Ansible Automation. I have taken the exam because I felt that ...

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Managing Dotfiles With Ansible

Yesterday I posted about managing our local configuration with Ansible and today I’m going to continue this path by putting my zsh configuration under configuration management. Installing ZSH and oh-my-zsh First up let’s install our preferred shell and customizations. For me this is zsh and oh-my-zsh. Up front I know that this is going to probably be a multi-step process ...

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