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Protecting your AWS from EKS with kube2iam

I really like Kubernetes; I’ve been following almost since its inception 5 years ago and used it successfully in the past 3+ years in several projects. It isn’t without challenges (esp. around managing state) but it definitely getting better with each release. Moving to a new company, it is no wonder I introduced Kubernetes into our architecture from the get-go. ...

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Testing and using AWS EKS #kubernetes – findings

Context I have been working in a team where we use kubernetes in production (not the nginx example- the real shit) for 2 years now. I have configured and used Kubernetes clusters from version 1.4.x with tools like kube-aws to 1.6-1.7 configured with kops. Amazon’s EKS is the third breed of kubernetes provisioning solutions that I have the chance to try and this post ...

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