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Add ssl to Mysql and Postgresql

Adding ssl support to a relational database like mysql or postgresql is a standard task. First we need to have our certificates ready. We can either use mysql workbench which has a nice wizard. Or we can create them using openssl. In the end we will end up with three files ssl-ca=ca.pem ssl-cert=server-cert.pem ssl-key=server-key.pem We can also check that everything is ok ...

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Storing X.509 Digital Certificates (And Other Messy Things)

We often need to store structured binary data in our database – images, pdf documents, etc., but also have a need to search by, or index on, attributes of that data. E.g., we might store the height and width of an image, or the OCR text from a PDF document (for full text searches). The normal solution is to store ...

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