Cygwin Embedded In Console2 Under Windows 7

I like to use Cygwin for having a bash shell on a windows machine. In combination with Console2 you have a powerful command-line tool for windows. I’d like to describe how to install Cygwin and Console2 under windows 7 (I think this instruction works on Windows XP, too) and how to embed Cygwin in Console2. I used for Cygwin version 1.7.17-1 and for Console2 version 2.00b148-Beta_32bit.

Cygwin Installation

  1. Download setup.exe.
  2. Double click on setup.exe starts the installation.
  3. Follow the set up instruction. As installation location I use c:\cygwin.
  4. Go to c:\cygwin and run Cygwin.bat for setting up Cygwin user home etc.

Console2 Installation

  1. Download zip file.
  2. Unzip it into installation location.
  3. Start Console2 with a double click on Console2.exe.

How to embed Cygwin in Console2

  1. Open Console2.
  2. Go to Edit -> Settings.
  3. Go to  Tab
  4. In field title insert for example bash. It is the name of the first tab in Console2.
  5. In field Shell you have to insert C:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe –login -i (Don’t forget c:\cygwin is your installation folder).
  6. In field Startup dir you can insert C:\cygwin\home\ This folder is used at every Console2 start.


  1. Cygwin Homepage
  2. Console2 Homepage
  3. Good short feature overview of Cygwin on the Wikipedia page
Reference: Cygwin Embedded In Console2 Under Windows 7 from our SCG partner Sandra Parsick at the SKM IT WORLD blog.

Sandra Parsick

Sandra is freelance Software Developer. She develops Java enterprise software since 2008. She also interests in the software craftsmanship approach and continuous integration.
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Jari Fredriksson
Jari Fredriksson
8 years ago

I have tried this, but failed. Appears the Console2 is only 32 bit, but my cygin installation is 64 bit… That might be the reason, as when I try to start a bash tab in Console2 it just crashes.

Sandra Parsick
Sandra Parsick
8 years ago

Hi Jari,

you are right. Both,Console2 and Cygwin, have to be either 32bit or 64bit. The download link of 64bit version of Console 2:

8 years ago

Console2 in 2016? The software is not maintained for five years…
And mintty from cygwin itself covers most of Console2 features, except tabs, but there is tmux. But mintty is “native” for cygwin and supported.

Anyway, I believe that alive products like ConEmu or ConsoleZ are much more suitable nowadays. Have you tried them?

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