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Stashing Previously Set psql Variables

The command-line based “PostgreSQL interactive terminal” known as psql is handy for manipulating and accessing data in a PostgreSQL database. Because of its command-line nature, psql is particularly well suited for use in scripts. One of the psql features that makes it even more useful in scripting contexts is its support for “meta-commands”. As the psql documentation states, “Anything you ...

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PostgreSQL’s psql \set versus SET

It is easy for someone who is new to PostgreSQL and who uses PostgreSQL’s terminal editor psql to confuse the commands \set and SET. This post contrasts these commands and provides a brief overview of other commands that include the word “set”. The easiest way to remember how to differentiate \set from SET is to keep in mind that the ...

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Revealing the Queries Behind psql’s Backslash Commands

PostgreSQL‘s psql interactive terminal tool provides several useful “backslash list commands” such as \d (lists “relations” such as tables, views, indexes, and sequences), \dt (lists tables), \di (lists indexes), \ds (lists sequences), \dv (lists views), \df (lists functions), \du (lists roles), and \? (displays help/usage details on backslash commands). These commands are concise and much simpler to use than writing ...

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