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Nassos has graduated from Computer Engineering and Informatics Department in the University of Patras. He also holds a Master degree in Communication and Network Systems from University of Athens. He has a 10-year work experience as a Java and C++ developer in the Telecommunication and IT industry participating in various projects. He currently works as a senior software developer in the IT sector where he is mainly involved with projects for the EU requiring extensive java skills.

Linux cut Examples

In this post, we feature comprehensive Linux cut Examples. Cut is a Unix command line utility which is used to extract sections from each line of input, usually from a file. It is currently part of the GNU coreutils package and the BSD Base System. It first appeared in AT&T System III UNIX in 1982. Extraction of line segments can ...

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Linux sed Examples

In this post, we feature a comprehensive Linux sed Examples. Sed is basically a stream editor used for modifying files in unix or linux. It provides a nifty way to perform operations on files which can be passed around through pipes. Most people never learn its real power, they just simply use sed to replace text. You can do many ...

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Linux tar Examples

In this post, we feature a comprehensive Linux tar Examples. I am a real fan of learning Linux commands by examples and from my personal experience it will really help to see some Linux tar command examples. But first, a brief bit of background information. The name “tar” stands for “tape archive”. As that name implies, originally it was a ...

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