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Remote access to Minikube with Kubectl

Let’s say you need to install a Kubernetes cluster in your organization for development and testing purposes. Minikube looks like a perfect fit for that job. It was specially designed for users looking to try out Kubernetes or develop with it day-to-day. It runs a single-node Kubernetes cluster inside a VM on a standalone machine. So, you found a server for ...

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How to check which Process is using port 8080 or any other port and vice versa on Windows

Hello Friends, In this tutorial, you will learn the following : – How to check which process/application is using a particular port on Windows – How to check which port is being used by a particular process/application on Windows How to check which process/application is using a particular port on Windows Step 1 – Find the process id of the process which ...

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Windows Recipe: How to quickly track your active network connections using Resmon Utility

Windows 10 is a great operating system when its clean and well-maintained but once you start cluttering it with more and more apps, your Internet speed typically starts to slow down and it becomes increasingly difficult to find out which background app is consuming your bandwidth. One way of tackling this is to harden the windows firewall by restricting outgoing ...

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Docker | Windows 10/ Mac OS | unauthorized: incorrect username or password when trying to pull images

It happens because the docker client (on macOS or Windos 10) allows you to sign in with your email address and password. If you sign out and sign in with your Docker Username and password everything will work. So here’s a better description of the issue Description When trying to pull images from the Docker registry docker: Error response from daemon: ...

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Multiple Derby Network Servers on the same Host

Abstract Suppose you want to start multiple Derby network servers on the same host. They need to be listening on different ports and ideally store their data in different locations. The listings below show Linux bash and Windows batch scripts to configure starting a Derby network server. In this example, the Derby network server will listen on port 1110. Each ...

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Writing safe(r) bash scripts

After writing more and more bash scripts for a client, I’ve decided to write down my thoughts about it. This assumes you have some knowledge about bash, as it is not intended as a beginner’s tutorial. Why bash scripts? Bash is present in almost every unix/linux-based stack, now some Windows as well. An exception is the ‘alpine’ docker images, which ...

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10 Tips on working fast in UNIX or Linux

10 UNIX Productivity tips Have you ever amazed to see someone working very fast in UNIX, firing commands and doing things quickly? Yes, I have seen that a couple of times and I have always inspired to learn from those superstar developers. In this article or tutorial or whatever you call it, I have dedicated to sharing some UNIX command ...

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A packaging manager for windows

Finally, came across a packaging manger for windows, where I can easily install windows software, the way its meant to be, unobtrusive and smooth. Chocolatey is not the fanciest tool out there, but the one for which I  long felt a need and while you can argue that docker does that much fancier, but on a dev box, this is ...

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