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Using Minikube on osx

Docker compose is making for me wonders when it comes to run some simple components on my workstation. Spawning and simulating an infrastructure locally is fast and takes no time. Also it is lightweight. However most teams nowadays use Kubernetes.If you want to simulate a Kubernetes environment locally the tool to use is Minikube. With Minikube you need to have ...

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TCP: out of memory — consider tuning tcp_mem

Recently we experienced an interesting production problem. This application was running on multiple AWS EC2 instances behind Elastic Load Balancer. The application was running on GNU/Linux OS, Java 8, Tomcat 8 application server. All of sudden one of the application instances became unresponsive. All other application instances were handling the traffic properly. Whenever the HTTP request was sent to this ...

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Remote Log Collection on Windows

Every organization needs to collect logs from multiple sources in order to put them in either a log collector or SIEM (or a dedicated audit trail solution). And there are two options for that – using an agent and agentless. Using an agent is easy – you install a piece of software on each machine that generates logs and it ...

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Deploying Che 7 with custom images (air gap environment)

Number 5: deploying Che 7 behind a firewall (air gap environment) using chectl –che-operator-cr-yaml=… Deploying Che 7 with custom images Unlike  Deploying Che 7 to Minishift 1.34+, this doc will explain how to do an Eclipse Che 7 deployment with a custom resource yaml file to override the images used in the deployment. This process can be used for many things, ...

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Changing Mac’s Default Location for Screenshots

For pedantic people like myself, who like to keep their Desktop tidy, I came across this tip to save screenshots to a different location automatically. Create a folder (mine is called Screenshots)Open a Terminal windowType the following: defaults write locationDrag and drop the folder into terminal. You’ll end up something like the following: defaults write location /Users/pkua/Desktop/ScreenshotsHit enter! ...

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wget on Windows

Overview This is to document my steps to download all image (JPG) files along with PDF and regular HTML files instead of using the web browser, using only 1 command (wget). Installation Use Choco ( Follow installation instructions @ Then open a command prompt with administrative rights to install wget:choco install wget Usage My target website (say is protected ...

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Protecting your AWS from EKS with kube2iam

I really like Kubernetes; I’ve been following almost since its inception 5 years ago and used it successfully in the past 3+ years in several projects. It isn’t without challenges (esp. around managing state) but it definitely getting better with each release. Moving to a new company, it is no wonder I introduced Kubernetes into our architecture from the get-go. ...

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