Some bash functions for git

Here some git related functions in my .bachrc. Is mostly a backup for me, but it might also be useful for someone else.

Cloning a git repo

Because I usually clone repos from my github account, this is a shortcut that allows me to just type clone *repo_name* and it will create the URL.

function clone {

        if [ $# -eq 0 ]; then
            echo "Please enter repo name or full url:";
            read repo;
            clone $repo;
        elif [[ $1 == --help ]] || [[ $1 == --h ]] || [[ $1 == --? ]]; then
            echo "This will clone a git repo.";
            echo "";
            echo "Option 1: You can just provide the name, eg:";
            echo "$ clone membership";
            echo "This will do: git clone";
            echo "";
            echo "Option 2: Provide the full URL";
            echo "$ clone";
            echo "This will do: git clone";
            if [[ $1 == https://* ]] || [[ $1 == git://* ]] || [[ $1 == ssh://* ]] ; then

            echo git clone "$URL";
            git clone "$URL";

    export -f clone


clone *reponame* – this will go to my github account

bash functions

clone *url* – clone the repo at the url

bash functions

clone – will ask for the repo name or url

bash functions

Syncing your fork to upstream

If you contribute to projects, and you are working against your own fork, this is a handy way to keep you fork in sync with changes in the upstream master.

function sync {

        if git remote -v | grep -q 'upstream'; then
            echo "upstream exist";
            echo "Please enter the upstream git url:";
            read url;
            git remote add upstream "$url"

        git remote -v
        git fetch upstream
        git pull upstream master
        git checkout master
        git rebase upstream/master

    export -f sync
bash functions


Normal commit, but adding -s to include your signature.

function commit {

        if [ $# -eq 0 ]; then
            echo "Please enter a commit message:";
            read msg;
            commit "$msg";
        elif [[ $1 == --help ]] || [[ $1 == --h ]] || [[ $1 == --? ]]; then
            echo "This will commit changes to a local git repo, eg:";
            echo "$ commit 'some changes made'";
            echo "This will do: git commit -s -m 'some changes made'";
            echo git commit -s -a -m "$1"
            git commit -s -a -m "$1";

    export -f commit
bash functions

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