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Migrating from bash to zsh

These are my steps in migration from bash to zsh. I’m documenting these to keep the future reference for me (and possibly other readers as well). Motivation? Check out the Slideshare presentation: Why Zsh is Cooler than Your Shell Current shell to find out the current shell: ps -p $$ it’s useful during migration to make sure the new shell ...

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Apache MultiViews & Mod_Rewrite

Apache apparently has a server module call mod_negotiation which contains an option called MultiViews. MultiViews is a setting that gives the server the ability to decide the best representation for a requested file that doesn’t exist. Furthermore, If MultiViews is enabled on the server, it will take operational precedence before any mod_rewrite directives that you provide in your .htaccess files. ...

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Apache Configuration Tutorial (CentOS / Ubuntu Linux)

In this post, we feature a comprehensive Apache Configuration Tutorial. This article is part of our Academy Course titled Apache HTTP Server Tutorial. In this Apache Configuration Tutorial course, we provide a compilation of Apache HTTP Server tutorials that will help you get started with this web server. We cover a wide range of topics, from installing the server and performing ...

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Deploying Web Application on EC2 Instance – AWS

In this post, we will deploy spring web application on EC2 Amazon Linux AMI t2.micro instance following below steps: Step 1: Set up Amazon EC2 instance following set-up-amazon-ec2-instance. Step 2: Launch an EC2 instance following ec2-launch-linux-instance. Step 3: Upload .war file from local machine directory to EC2 user home (/home/ec2-user) directory using secure copy as follows: scp -i /Users/ArpitAggarwal/arpitaggarwal-key-pair.pem /Users/ArpitAggarwal/hello-spring/target/hello-spring.war arpitaggarwal-key-pair.pem refers ...

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Top Online SysAdmin Courses to Boost your Career

Do you want to know what is the best investment you can make with your time and money? Knowledge As a software developer you should be constantly acquiring new skills. This is the best way to advance your career and enjoy the rewards (monetary, emotional etc.). Towards that direction you should be reading books, devouring technical articles and staying informed ...

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Salt SSH Installation on Centos 5.5

Salt has the option to manage servers agentlessly. Agentless means that the targets don’t need a agent process. The master orchestrates the target system over SSH. Therefor it exists an own command called salt-shh. The following sections explain how to install Salt SSH on a CentOs 5.5 and how to configure minimally a master and its targets for a test ...

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FREE SysAdmin books with the SCG Newsletter

Here at System Code Geeks we know how much you love books about system administration; we are geeks ourselves. After all, a geek that respects himself should always have his face in a book, he has to keep up with the latest technologies and developments. For this reason, we have decided to distribute 6 of our books for free. You ...

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Nginx – Summing up (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS)

This article is part of our Academy Course titled Introduction to Nginx. This course will introduce you to the magic of nginx. You will learn to install and configure nginx for a variety of software platforms and how to integrate it with Apache. Additionally, you will get involved with more advanced concepts like Load Balancing, SSL configuration and Websockets proxying. ...

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