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Introduction to Nginx – Complete Tutorial

Course Overview Nginx is an open source HTTP and reverse proxy server, as well as a mail proxy server, load balancer, and HTTP cache. The nginx project started with a strong focus on high concurrency, high performance and low memory usage. It runs on Linux, BSD variants, Mac OS X, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, as well as on other *nix flavors. ...

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Mono on Linux and feeling good

If you haven’t heard about Mono on Linux then it is time to fill this gap. Mono is an open source platform that implements CLI specification and enables building and running C# applications on Linux, OS X, Windows which is fun. This is the official description from the site. Mono, the open source development platform based on the .NET framework, allows ...

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Set up Tomcat, Apache and mod_jk cluster

In this article I will go through a common set-up for a small production environment. A single tier, load balanced application server cluster. Overview A high level overview of what we will be doing. Downloading and installing Apache HTTP server and mod_jk Downloading Tomcat Downloading Java Configuring two local Tomcat servers Clustering the two Tomcat servers Configuring Apache to use ...

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Configuring ELK stack to analyse Apache Tomcat logs

In this post, we will set up ElasticSearch, Logstash  and Kibana  to analyse Apache Tomcat server logs. Before setting up ELK stack, let’s have a brief about each. ElasticSearch Schema-less database that has powerful search capabilities and is easy to scale horizontally. Indexes every single field, aggregate and group the data. Logstash Written in Ruby and allows us to pipeline data ...

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Using Squid as an HTTP Proxy via SSH (to fetch remotely from Amazon yum repos)

We’ve been playing around with vagrant for local development.   When combined with Ansible, the pair allows you to recreate complex systems locally with high fidelity to your deployment environment. Through magic voodoo (kudos [email protected] and @kmolendyke), we managed to get an Amazon AMI crammed into a virtual box.  Unfortunately, Amazon’s yum repos are only available from the EC2 network. ...

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Application Server as a Service in Unix

Running the Application Server as a service or daemon on the machine ensures that service restart automatically when the machine reboots and also provides the capability to start the server with a UNIX shell. In this post, we will create Weblogic  server as a service making it to start at machine reboot in few steps as follows: Step 1: Create ...

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Adding new machine to rc files sync

Some time ago I wrote a post on linux productivity tools I use. As from time to time I need to install new machine that would benefit from the synced rc files, I’ll document the steps required (as rediscovering it every time is rather a waste of time). What I’d need I’ll use the previously introduced: oh-my-zsh homeshick vim’s vundle ...

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Cygwin Embedded In Console2 Under Windows 7

I like to use Cygwin for having a bash shell on a windows machine. In combination with Console2 you have a powerful command-line tool for windows. I’d like to describe how to install Cygwin and Console2 under windows 7 (I think this instruction works on Windows XP, too) and how to embed Cygwin in Console2. I used for Cygwin version ...

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Stop installing Postgres on your laptop : use Docker instead

Tired of managing a full-blown DB server on your development machine ? Let’s give Docker a try! Getting started with Docker First, if your development machine is not running Linux (ie if you’re running windows or mac os x), it’s easier to use boot2docker to get started, since it will take care of installing: VirtualBox (if you already have it ...

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